„Limitless fantasy that can be manufactured”

3D printing, which is increasing in importance, is also included in the range of our manufacturing technologies. This technology – depending on its subtypes – can be used in many areas of the industry and is more and more spread.

No matter a part need to face small or high mechanical stress, its geometry is be simple or complicated, 3D printed products can serve the purpose to many goals with the outcome that is only limited by imagination. The possibility is also given to produce a part in one piece from different materials and colours.

With our own equipment and partnership, we can fulfill your orders from various materials using wire laying, powder and liquid laser technologies. Thanks to the latest technologies, these days metal (steel) printing is available either from hardenable or stainless steel. If you need a small amount of parts to be a prototype, pieces for presentation or other purpose, this may be the good choice for you.

Of course, our engineer colleagues are looking forward to discuss any design and mechanical issues with you. If you do not own the required CAD model, we can create it for you based on 2D drawing, sample part or even by a spoken conception.