The Bisnode international company rating system qualifies the financial stability, business reliability of all companies based on a continuously rated and proven system created by international experts. This is how our company, Fazekas Kft. was also chosen as one of the most financially reliable companies. Based on this, our company belongs to the 9,82 % of the Hungarian firms who has the most stable foundations, that is having a Bisnode certificate.

It is a great honour to our company that based on the objective company rating of Bisnode, we can be among the most reliable ones. We pay a particular to the fact that we operate correctly, so it is important for us to have an independent expert who states that our company’s insolvency probability is particularly low. We believe that by the Bisnode certificate we may increase the confidence also towards our clients, suppliers and employees which is more and more important in the long-term and stable business relations. The fact that the Bisnode as an independent expert has acknowledged the stability of our company, carries the message for us that we are on the right way in building our company. As the rating of our company was carried out strictly by professional aspects, and it is not possible either to compete or to apply for it, therefore the Bisnode certificate really distinguishes positively our company on the market.

Fazekas Kft. has received the AAA (triple A) certificate of Bisnode that only 0.63 % of the Hungarian companies possess, and this means that the financial risk of creating a business relation with us is extremely low.

The base of the Bisnode certificate is the Bisnode rating which has been rating companies internationally in view of their reliabilities since 1908. The Bisnode certificate is issued with AAA, AA and A rating indicating the reliability of the companies and that the company having this rating – that is the Bisnode certificate – is financially stable. The AAA rating was introduced in 1989, and since 1996, companies have had the option to demonstrate their business reliability in the form of certificates, as well.
The certificate gives the opportunity to the entitled companies to show others that their company is a recognized, reliable and creditworthy entity. The Bisnode certificate is used in several countries of Europe and in the Scandinavian countries it is considered as an etalon in case of business transactions.
The Bisnode certificate is based on data originating from various official sources, such as the data and registry court entries of the Ministry of Justice and Law enforcement, the data of NAV (Hungarian National Tax and Customs Office) and other authorities. In addition to the official data, it integrates the financial information related to the company, such as balance sheet data, profit-and-loss statement, trends. The rating takes into account the demographic data of the company or the organization that is the age, the activity, the size, the owners of the company and their relation. From its payment experience program data, Bisnode incorporates into the rating how the given company pays its bills, on time or with delay, namely the payment discipline.
In addition to the above, the system adds various other collected information to the Bisnode rating, such as executive data or press releases.
As the Bisnode certificate not only shows the actual financial stability of our company, but due to the forming of the Bisnode certificate, it also shows what is the probability of our company becoming insolvent the next year, and we can proudly declare that Fazekas Kft. will be a stable actor of the market in the future, as well.