„The spirit of machines, the control of implementation”

We provide complete electronic and electrical support for your existing, operating and inaccurate machines.

We program both simple and more complex machines in a stable, user-friendly way using PLC technologies. We are aware of and prepared to the technological changes these machines may come through during their lifetime. Our colleagues are more than happy to provide you safe, quick and efficient help in solving the problems as productively as possible. Your electrical device can be a simple connector or it can use more complex pneumatical, hydraulical or mechanical – or any of these variations – technology, you can always trust in our solution.

Our work would not be safe without knowledge of regulations and standards. Our colleagues are qualified in the field of design and implementation and take part in education on a regular basis in order to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving world with up-to-date professional knowledge. Or course, we provide detailed documentation (PLC program, drawings etc.) of the device, which is also available in electronic form.