„Sketchy question, accurate answer”

To archive your technical goals, our company provides total support until the approval of the right conception.

Our designers work according to your technical and economic expectations during the entire process. According to our principle, time is value, and that is why we give solutions at the quickest way, at the best price/value ratio, also at the special demands. Our successful partnership is guaranteed by continuous contact, transformating technical difficulties into challanges, professional knowledge and dedication. If you are looking for design, modification or complete transformation of any unique part, machine, assembly and checking jig or any technical apparatus, please feel free to contact us.

We are also more than happy to discuss mechanical and electrical engineering issues with you. Technical expertise can give your long-term problems a new start and a push to your own ongoing design and production process. We are also able to provide new technical documentation for our customers’ already operating machines in case they these documents are lost or damaged. Of course, we design and document our machines according to the current regulations, technical guidelines and standards, so that you only have to use them.