„The resource you can trust”

Our experience in the field of machinery and parts production is extensive. Our clients often face challanges that are based on logistics, technology or human resources. These difficulties slow their production down or even make it much more complicated. That is why our company prepared one of its sites exclusively to handle these kinds of problems.
After handing the neccessary data (eg. drawings, materials, guidelines etc.) over to us, our partners get a service supported by technological instructions and equipments. This is done both in our and our partners’ sites as needed. We work out every inquiry with the help of our customers in order to meet the requirements at the best price. Rework, pre-assembly and series production, which usually come up in large or medium series, require important and precise processes.

In correspondence to the quality policy of our company, the delivered parts are inspected and approved by an internal production check. That is the key why you can always count on our products in time and best quality.